Wednesday, June 23, 2010

25th Anniversary

Happy 25th Anniversary Return to Oz! Well I am a few days late... It was actually on June 21st.

And speaking of 25th Anniversaries, another Disney classic shares the same year ( July 24th )

The Black Cauldron

The film is based on books by Lloyd Alexander called the Prydain Chronicles. But the disney movie is based mostly on the first and second book. It is however an entirely differant story than the books. But I do recomend reading the books for anyone who likes fantasy.

Disney has actually honored this classic with a special 25th Anniversary release. It will mainly be the same as the earlier release but will finally be in full Widescreen! And they have created a new game, which really is kind of stupid. The reports say there will be a deleted scene but not the controversial scene of the Cauldron Born, but I guess an extended fairy folk scene. Another downside to this is that Disney will not be putting this on Blu-Ray, only DVD. They seem to be very very picky on what goes on Blu-Ray for some reason. The DVD will be available on September 14th.
For those of you not familiar with this movie you can view its 25th Anniversary trailer here:

Well Disney at least honored this film here's hoping ( but not holding my breath ) that Return to Oz will get the some sort of honor, even if it is just new box art. But a Blu-Ray of Return to Oz would be a dream come true. Disney sure did make some great films in 1985!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Stange Photo Art

I made this the other day. It is quite strange I know, but so was Return to Oz. ( In a good way ) This photo was taken to capture the 4 figures made for Return to Oz in Japan back in 1985.... Hope you like the photo....
( You can Click on the photo to view it larger )

Return to Oz Comic!

There has been quite a few updates here at and one of the more predominant updates is our expanded Comic Section. You can check out many of the pages here...

More to come soon....