Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Archive Update

After some more research it turns out that the Disney Archive has a few more props that are not on Display. Here is what the Archive department said about Return to Oz:

"Yes, we are very proud to have a very comprehensive representation of artifacts from Return to Oz, including Dorothy's costume, complete with her ruby slippers, and her lunch pails. We also have the Tin Woodsman, Jack Pumpkinhead and even the Gnome King's ruby slippers. Tik Tok was on display for many years at Disney's Hollywood Studios; A Disney archivist is currently restoring him as there are plans to use him in an upcoming Archives exhibit."

How cool is that? I would LOVE to see some of these props on Display... Or even for sale... ( one can dream... )

And here is a little bonus, I found another photo of the props.

These photos have been updated on the Surviving Prop pages....

Stay Tuned for more on Return to oz.