Thursday, September 1, 2011

Lunch Pails!

Here is another little look inside our Oz museum, Today we are looking at Lunch Pails. These pails hold delicious lunches for Dorothy and Billina. They grow on the Lunch Pail trees, and are used as weapons against wheelers & Evil Princesses.

These Pails are the are the actual props used in the film. We have a total of 4 of them, 1 is made of hard plastic, while the others are made of a few materials, Rubber, resin & Metal. These are a true rare find, the only others that exist are stored at the Disney Archives.

One of them is made of small hard plastic while the other 3 are made of rubber and metal. A great addition to the Museum!


erclvrb18 said...

i was wondering if you could please send me some pix of the pails to my email because i want to make usable versions of them.. here is my email please help!