Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Return to Oz DVD Art

As many of you have heard me said, I am really quite annoyed with the DVD cover art Disney has created. They really did not spend much time on the construction.

They must not have found a great quality picture of Dorothy, to where they had to airbrush her, which made her look like a Muppet. And they colored her dress in Pink, like in one of those old black and white films, you know when they would try to colorize it. The colors never seem to mesh correctly.

So, after pondering these and looking through old posters, I came across an old promotional sketch. This was to be considered as a theatrical poster. I really liked the art on this one, why couldn’t Disney just hire an (gasp) animator to draw up some new artwork. Well, apparently they do not even care enough to give the film proper box art. Hopefully with 2010, and the films 25th anniversary coming up, they will re-release a special edition. But I won’t hold my breath….


maxr said...

Hey, good point. That's a really nice-looking drawing. I wish I could draw that well!

Joey said...

Normally I'd say "Don't hold your breath," but they're actually revisiting The Black Cauldron on DVD. Anything's possible at this post.

Joey said... this point.